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Kyaaaaa Yuzu-chan looks so kjdaslasgfaglkasfgsdlgldgls
....Though it's sad he's not competing in the Finland Trophy T.T
but I hope he recovers and slays at the NHK Trophy^^

Junno ♥

Jun. 10th, 2014 03:44 pm
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I made this gif after watching Kat-Tun's Live Countdown 2013 concert. I just love everything about this Junno moment. He is so adorable... I just had to do a gif for it! I now use it as my header image ^^ and of course I posted it on Tumblr first lol link ----> Junno

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Jaejoong triangle s20How does he manage to look gorgeous even in a prison uniform!??? He is just perfect, my Jaejoongie is ♥
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So I had this dream about Junsu (and Yoochun oppa in a minor role LOL), but I was taken by surprise since Junsu is not my bias and even though I like him, he is not part of my supreme VIP list of Korean biases… until now! Seriously, the dream felt so real and my feelings… my heart still beats faster when I remember the dream. It was a far-fetched dream of course, something along the lines of us being in love (yeah! keep dreaming)… but gawd! It seems my heart has not waken up yet… ottoke!? I need serious help…                      junsu xia nbsp;              

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