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So today has been a ride of emotions, the biggest one is my happiness because Leeteuk has finally been discharged from his military service. I just can't explain how proud of him I am and how immensely happy I am cause he is finally back, back to being Leeteuk, our loving leader. 21 months passed... I missed him terribly, so having him back after so long is just so surreal. I can't stop crying, tears of joy, for my Teukie, my leader-nim. #WelcomeBackParkJungSoo ! Let's share many things and love each other even more from now on! ♥

tumblr_inline_n9fgwhc5i71r6ri65 <--- literally ME right now, smeared eyeliner and all.
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So I had this dream about Junsu (and Yoochun oppa in a minor role LOL), but I was taken by surprise since Junsu is not my bias and even though I like him, he is not part of my supreme VIP list of Korean biases… until now! Seriously, the dream felt so real and my feelings… my heart still beats faster when I remember the dream. It was a far-fetched dream of course, something along the lines of us being in love (yeah! keep dreaming)… but gawd! It seems my heart has not waken up yet… ottoke!? I need serious help…                      junsu xia nbsp;              

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