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I'm so happy Kyuhyun's single is doing so well. Just had a chance to listen to it and I love it. Kyuhyun's voice is amazing, and the song is beautiful too. So proud of our evil maknae, fighting Kyukyu!!! ♥♥♥
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I keep watching it and I love it more and more. A deserving comeback after 2 years. So proud of my boys!!!

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So today has been a ride of emotions, the biggest one is my happiness because Leeteuk has finally been discharged from his military service. I just can't explain how proud of him I am and how immensely happy I am cause he is finally back, back to being Leeteuk, our loving leader. 21 months passed... I missed him terribly, so having him back after so long is just so surreal. I can't stop crying, tears of joy, for my Teukie, my leader-nim. #WelcomeBackParkJungSoo ! Let's share many things and love each other even more from now on! ♥

tumblr_inline_n9fgwhc5i71r6ri65 <--- literally ME right now, smeared eyeliner and all.
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“Loving someone is…not about race, age, and skin color. It’s just about both of you feeling happiness and love. Then aren’t we in love? Always thankful, and I love you.” - Leeteuk after 120825 Japan fanmeet

♥ Leader always saying such beautiful words ♥


Nov. 14th, 2012 12:01 pm
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Gonna star my LJ with a must-post entry. My loves, my biggest dreams... Super Junior! I just love them so much!!^^


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